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Mint tea is a herbal tea made by infusing mint leaves in hot water.

Mint tea made with peppermint leaves is called peppermint tea, and mint tea made with spearmint is called spearmint tea.

Our cut peppermint has a more intensive cup in contrast to the whole leaf because, in addition to the surface, the leaves release as well the content of the essential oil to the hot water through the cutting edges.


                              WHY ?

- 100% natural herbal tea

- 100% pure peppermint leaves

- Naturally caffeine-free

- The intensive and refreshing taste

- Offering a slightly sweet flavour, refreshing aroma and

  fresh finish, this tea is among the classical

  favourites for tea  drinkers
- For iced tea, you may blend it with green tea or fruit infusions

  but also pure it is pleasantly fresh
- If you usually have issues with falling asleep or staying

   asleep, drinking peppermint tea would be a good idea

   because it will not cause any side effects
-  From controlled organic cultivation

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