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INGREDIENTS: Organic camomile flowers


Camomile is one of the oldest herbs.

It was already known in pre-Christian times.
True sunshine in a cup.

Even the famous Peter Rabbit was given to help him de-stress after being chased by Mr McGregor.

Camomile tea is a herbal infusion made from dried chamomile flowers and hot water.

                              WHY ?

- 100% natural herbal tea

- 100% organic camomile flowers

- Naturally caffeine-free

- From controlled organic cultivation

- This herbal infusion made from dried camomile flowers

   will give you pleasantly sweet and calming taste
- It is very popular as a bedtime drink or perfect for

  relaxing after the busy workday or long weekend

  since it's a  naturally caffeine-free herbal tea
- A zero-calorie beverage when consumed without milk or sugar

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