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Well, if you’re holding a cup of ginger tea in your hand, then you’re on the right track!

Sweet, spicy, and one of the best drinks to have during any time of the year, this tea is power-packed with nothing more but only pure, organic ginger.

It is a perfect replacement for regular tea.​

Ginger is such a unique plant that it does not belong to any group but occupies its own genus 'Zingiber'.
This naturally caffeine-free tea can be enjoyed at any time of day, as a refreshment in the morning or a soothing cup in the evening.

                              WHY ?

- 100% organic herbal tea

- 100% pure ginger, it's all about the flavour

- Spicy, fresh, ginger taste

- Naturally caffeine-free

- Powerful intense brew

- Non- flavoured 

- From controlled organic cultivation

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