Earl Grey tea is a tea blend that has been flavored with the addition of oil of bergamot.

The rind's fragrant oil is added to black tea to give Earl Grey its unique taste.

Earl Grey tea is used as a flavoring for many types of cakes and confectionery, such as chocolates, as well as savory sauces. 

For sauces, the flavor is normally created by adding tea to the basic stock, boiling for a few minutes and then discarding it.

For sweet recipes, loose tea is often added to melted butter or hot cream and strained after the flavor is infused.

                              WHY ?

- N°1 specialty tea quality

- whole leaf = full taste

worldwide famous black tea blend

- light and refreshing

- amazing bergamot orange taste

- made with the highest quality standards 

- one of the most popular black tea blends 

- 30 hot cups or 3L ICE TEA

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